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Keep the Candle Burning

and don't burn out

Youth Leaders Focusing on Christ
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We're a community focused on bringing our teens to a closer relationship to Christ. Here is a place to share your thoughts, concerns, prayers, and ideas. We ask that when you come here, its not in a judgemental state, but rather to encourage and uplist other youth leaders.

Maybe you have a great idea for a youth lesson plan, a game, or a big event. This is the place to share it! Maybe you have an upcomign event and have no idea what to do. Here's the place to post your questions. Got a teen who needs prayer. Give us their name and we'll be praying.

A few rules:

1. Please keep posts you ministry related.

2. No preaching please!!!

3. Eighteen years or older for membership. This is a place for teen leaders not teens.

4. Please do not put down other people's ideas.

5. Please don't advertise other communities

the community mod is daisyfields