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Keep the Candle Burning

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23rd August 2006

dominic_corelli8:48am: i have a teen who is struggling with what to say to a friend who cuts and a friend who has been raped. My teen is named amanda but i dont know the other 2 girls names. Cutting and the after affects of rape are both huge issues so any and all prayers would be appreciated.
adam t.

3rd October 2004

daisyfields11:00pm: hi :) welcome to this great community! I hope to get it going and I would appreciate you to tell your ministry friends about it.

a little bit about me, i'm a youth leader at a small church. I have around 15 kids and sometimes i need prayer adn support :) As I'm sure most of you feel the same way. I'm also single, which means that I have to deal with the teens alone. Well not alone, I truly am with God and that is amazing. anyway when you join, feel free to post waht you do in the youth ministry.

The teens ages are 7th-12th grades :)
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